Solar Light Kits


Our solar lights are highly efficient multi purpose products suitable for homes and small businesses.

The JouleBox

The JouleBox is an Energy Storage Solution based on Li-ionbattery chemistry specifically designed for use with DC appliances.The JouleBox has a storage capacity of 500kJ and can supply up to 600.000kJ (600 MJ) over it’s battery lifetime which depending on it’s daily usage and rate of discharge will give auseful service life of 3 up to 10 years.  The JouleBox comes in two versions the JouleBox500 and JouleBox1000.

The JouleStick

JouleStick is a modular system for personal energy. The JouleStick energy module plugs directly into solar panels, light attachments and phone chargers without any cables. The modular nature of the system allows for granular, flexible expansion.